A granulated fertilizer made from rock phosphate, SSP is a source of both phosphorus and sulfur, making it ideal for crops that require both nutrients. It is a slow-release fertilizer, meaning that it releases nutrients slowly over time, making it ideal for crops that require a steady supply of nutrients.

SSP can be efficiently used if applied in the recommended dose after soil testing. SSP should be placed properly below the seed alongwith combined use of compost and Bio-fertilisers. Soil pH should be brought near neutral with soil amendments in order to improve P use efficiency. All these precautions, if taken timely, may double SSP use efficiency and result in better use of SSP.

Full Description:


SSP is a grey to brownish coloured material containing monocalcium phosphate and calcium sulphate in almost equal proportions. The material is slightly hygroscopic and needs moisture proof packing to avoid lump formation on storage.

SSP is preferred for oilseed crops as sulphur is integral part of many edible oils. Since acidic soil are poor in calcium so SSP is useful in acidic soils as calcium helps increasing yields. Increasing sulphur deficiency almost all over India is making SSP still more popular.

SSP is the only Sulphur providing fertilizer in India which contains water soluble phosphorus easily taken up by plants. However, sulphur and calcium take a little more time for solubilization and plant uptake.