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DAP 18-46-0

A granulated fertilizer made from ammonia and phosphoric acid, DAP is a commonly used fertilizer that contains both nitrogen and phosphorus. It is also a quick-release fertilizer, making it ideal for crops that require an immediate nutrient boost.

Phosphorus nutrition throughout crop growth and development cycle, as well as fulfills crops initial requirement of Nitrogen and Sulphur. DAP is a complete crop nutritional package that results in a bountiful crop.

Full Description:

Key Benefits
  • Composite Nutrition for plant growth
  • Ensures rapid root growth and aids in the growth of the plant
  • Helps develop healthier stem and makes the yield greener
How to use DAP 18-46-0

Should be applied to the soil considering important factors such as placement, proportion and time of crop cycle. DAP can be applied either during pre-sowing cultivation, tilling or during sowing of crops.

The dosage should be as per the crop and soil (As per general recommendation for the State). It is advised not to use DAP on standing crops. It should be applied near the seeds.